Announcing the Highly Anticipated High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition 2023

It’s time once again to officially announce that the High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition is coming soon! Since 2020, we’ve celebrated a variety of different High Times People’s Choice Cups and can’t wait to see what’s in store for this one. While many of our other People’s Choice competitions focus on products from a single market, the Hemp Cup covers competitors throughout the entire country. We’re calling on everyone to put their best products forward.

This year, we’re upgrading the categories in the High Times Hemp Cup by welcoming three legal psychoactive groups that will make the selection of offerings even more irresistible.


Hemp-Derived CBD Edibles: Gummies & Fruit Chews (NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ONLY) 
Hemp-Derived CBD Edibles: Non-Gummies (NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ONLY) (No Liquids above 1 FL OZ allowed)
Hemp-Derived CBD Tinctures + Capsules (NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ONLY) (No Liquids above 1 FL OZ allowed)
Hemp-Derived CBD Flower and Pre-Rolls (NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ONLY)
Hemp-Derived CBD Concentrates and Vape Pens (NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ONLY)
Hemp-Derived CBD Pet Products (NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ONLY)
Legal Psychoactive Flower and Pre-Rolls (D8, D10, HHC, THCO, THCV, etc)
Legal Psychoactive Concentrates and Vape Pens (D8, D10, HHC, THCO, THCV, etc)
Legal Psychoactive Edible: Gummies  (D8, D10, HHC, THCO, THCV, etc)
Legal Psychoactive Edible: Non-Gummies (D8, D10, HHC, THCO, THCV, etc)(No Liquids above 1 FL OZ allowed)

A competition of this magnitude takes some serious coordination, and the sheer amount of interest means that we’re planning this competition months in advance. As such, the following deadlines are subject to change, but here’s the deal:

Competitors will have between Jan. 30, 2023-Feb. 3, 2023 to submit their products for consideration. After that, judge kits will go on sale starting on Feb. 10. Unlike our market-specific competitions, the Hemp Cup kits will be available for online ordering in every state. Judges will have two months (between Feb. 10-April 2) to explore the wide variety of products they receive. We tally the scores and celebrate another successful High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition on April 16—just in time for 4/20!

There are a few things that potential competitors should know. First, slots are limited. With a pool of products coming from all 50 states, it’s best to get your stuff submitted soon if you want to be considered. Second, there’s a cap of two entries per company, per category. Third, for each entry you must submit 80 samples of the same sku. Also, note that flower and pre-roll submissions should be limited to 3.5 grams maximum, and 3 grams maximum for concentrates and vape pens (anything submitted with more will not be accepted). Those are some of the important components to qualify, but we’ll send more info after you’ve been confirmed for participation.

While there is a $500 non-refundable deposit for each entry, we are offering a deal with submissions: If you submit three to four entries, you get one more free. Submit five to seven, get two more free, etc. If you have any questions about this, check out

In the past, participants have extended some of the best hemp products in the nation—showing the rest of the world how it’s done. Originally we announced our first High Times People’s Choice Hemp Cup in December 2020, with winners announced in May 2021. Among the best were brands such as Grön, Myriam’s, Drip CBD, Hometown Hero, Windy Hill Hemp Co., and many more.

Winners of the Hemp Cup: People’s Choice 2022 were equally extraordinary, with winners coming from brands such as Sweet Sensi, 3Chi, Rove Remedies, Buddy’s Chocolate Haus, Horn Creek Hemp, and even Martha Stewart.

What will 2023 have in store for us this time around? Who will be honored as one of the nation’s next best brands in hemp? Will our new “legal psychoactive” categories impress the judges? Only time will tell.

A big thank you to our sponsors!

The Hemp Doctor – Presenting Sponsor

Indacloud – Silver Sponsor

CannaAid – Bronze Sponsor

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