What is dependant personality disorder?

One of several personality disorders it is defined as a cluster or class C disorder which is characterised by anxiety, nervousness or fearfulness.

People who suffer from this condition are often described as being needy or clingy and having an overwhelming need to be taken care of.  They are also passive and submissive, putting up with people being abusive or taking advantage of them, as they know they will do things they don’t want to do just to please them.

They fear disapproval, so will avoid confrontation or arguments and struggle to deal with the breakup of relationships, as their fear of abandonment is so overwhelming.  This can lead them to move on to new relationships quickly as they don’t cope well with being alone.

They also have difficulty making everyday decisions without consulting other people and will often seek reassurance about what

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There are many ways to prevent pregnancy for those of you who want to delay having a baby or don’t want to get pregnant again. Maybe you are wondering what to know before deciding which method or type of contraception to choose. Find out more about birth control and family planning services so you don’t get pregnant while still having sex in the following article.

How to prevent pregnancy effectively

For those of you who are sexually active, the most effective way to prevent pregnancy is to delay sex. Well, if you want to keep having sex but are not planning a pregnancy, you can try several ways.

Beforehand, it will be important for you and your companion to know the usage of contraception or methods to have intercourse in order to not get pregnant.

Listed below are numerous methods that you could attempt to stop being pregnant, both naturally …

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