What is dependant personality disorder?

One of several personality disorders it is defined as a cluster or class C disorder which is characterised by anxiety, nervousness or fearfulness.

People who suffer from this condition are often described as being needy or clingy and having an overwhelming need to be taken care of.  They are also passive and submissive, putting up with people being abusive or taking advantage of them, as they know they will do things they don’t want to do just to please them.

They fear disapproval, so will avoid confrontation or arguments and struggle to deal with the breakup of relationships, as their fear of abandonment is so overwhelming.  This can lead them to move on to new relationships quickly as they don’t cope well with being alone.

They also have difficulty making everyday decisions without consulting other people and will often seek reassurance about what

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Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make it easier for mothers to experience mood swings. These mood swings can cause Stress Pregnant. Stress is of course something that mothers should avoid during pregnancy because it can affect the condition and development of the fetus. based on research and cortisol test, it is known that high stress levels during pregnancy have an impact on the fetus because stress hormones are transferred from the mother to the fetus through the placenta.

How to avoid stress in pregnant women

Keeping the mood of pregnant women so as not to stress is important to do. The psychological condition of pregnant women will greatly affect the growth and development of prospective children in the womb. Therefore, mothers really need to avoid stress that may arise during the pregnancy process. Some of the following ways can be used to avoid stress:

  • Making a priority list can
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Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai : Best Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai. Find Lasers Treatments, Laser Hair Removal, Facial Peels & Laser Acne Scar in Dubai UAE.

There are new innovations in medicine every year and one of the most recent is the use of lasers. There are many different uses for lasers in surgery that makes healing quicker with more comfort. Here are a few places where medical laser manufacturers intended their product to be used..

Cosmetic Uses

Lasers can be used to alter a person’s appearance such as minimizing scarring, removing fat or hair, and treating lesions. They can also be utilized in the removal of tattoos that you would like to be free from. 

Surgical Uses

You can find lasers being used in various situations in a surgical suite. Lasers can cauterize any incisions made much more effectively than a typical scalpel. They make a smaller cut minimizing the scar.

Optical Uses

Possibly the most well known purpose of medical lasers is to perform LASIK surgery. When an optical surgeon uses the tool for …

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