Getting Past Your Dread of Dentists

Out of all of the physicians and healthcare professionals, dentists seem to get a bad rap. Many people suffer from anxiety and nerves when they realize their six month dental check-up is looming, but very few people realize why they experience such fear. Instead of feeling silly or ashamed if you are one of these individuals, consider yourself a part of a larger group of dentophobics. You can be included in a group of about 75 of American adults who fear going to the dentist. Most commonly, the fear is attributed to a prior bad experience, a painful procedure, or negative treatment from a dentist or hygienist. In fact, some of the dental trends being forecast include more transparent evaluations of dental experiences and treatment.

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Share Your Message

Some things associated with dental work will probably never change. After all, many of the tools and equipment come standard from dental parts manufacturers around the country. However, the way the tools are used or the demeanor and attitude of the office can really affect how favorably you perceive your visit. With the rise of social networking, online reviews, and public forums, you are now free to share your experience with the world. Perhaps you can ease someone else’s mind if you enjoyed your experience, or you can warn others of unprofessional or unskilled staff. This public accountability may influence how a dentist engages with patients and performs necessary procedures.

Look for Comfort Measures

If you need to find a dentist, a trend that is catching across offices everywhere is patient comfort measures. These are elements designed to reduce anxiety and fear throughout the office visit and increase patient comfort. From things like comfortable and reclining chairs, television, music, or computers to medical aids such as sedation, check with a prospective office to see how they will accommodate your anxiety.

Dental hygiene is important to your overall health, and you shouldn’t let your fear keep you away. The right dental office will understand your concerns and work to provide a safe and calming atmosphere for your visit.

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