The development of digital gadgets and technology that “colonize” children today must be filtered by sports activities. To make your little one move more and be healthier, you should help him slip an exercise schedule into his activities. Sport is indeed one of the important things that must be done by children. Especially at elementary school age, which is 6-12 years old, children experience complex motor development and rapid muscle coordination. They also experience good cognitive development to think more logically. Therefore, exercise can help maximize their growth potential. There are several types of sports that are believed to make children grow and develop better, besides that they can also make children healthier physically and spiritually. Here are 4 types of sports that are good for child development:


Swimming is very good if taught from a young age, because this will increase children’s skills about safety in the water (water safety). Swimming can strengthen muscles, flexibility, and form good posture for children. In addition, swimming is also used as therapy to reduce the effects of injuries from other sports, you know.


Running is the basis of almost all sports. Everyone can do it, including your little one. Running is also easy to do in several areas such as residential areas, fields, and on the highway during car free day. Running will strengthen the child’s leg muscles, as well as train balance and maintain the child’s weight to remain ideal.


Football and basketball games seem to be the most favored by children, so you don’t have to bother trying to get your little one to exercise. Football and Basketball will increase cardiovascular endurance, strengthen hand and foot muscles, increase flexibility, and improve eye, hand and balance coordination. Children can also learn to work together, discipline, and fair play.


Sports in line skate or better known as roller skating can be done by both boys and girls. If your child is a lively person, it seems this sport is worth a try. With in-line skates, children will learn to practice balance, core strength, and be able to maintain good posture.

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