Global COVID-19 607 Million, US Record Highest Daily Death

The US is also still the country with the most positive cases, positive cases of COVID-19 in the world are still increasing every day. Based on data from World O Meter, as of Thursday (1/9/2022) at 07.05 WIB, there were 607,717,197 positive cases of COVID-19 globally.

Of this number, the death toll from the corona virus also continued to grow to reach 6,494,398 people, or one percent of the total total cases. On the other hand, recovered cases continued to show an increasing trend to 583,745,348 cases.

A total of 43.06 thousand cases are still in critical condition due to COVID-19

Of the total 607 million positive cases of COVID-19, 17,477,451 of them are active cases. Meanwhile, as many as 590,239,746 cases of COVID-19 are considered completed due to death or recovery.

A total of 99.8 percent or 17,434,387 active cases are currently exposed to COVID-19 with mild symptoms and conditions. Meanwhile, the remaining 0.2 percent or 43,064 cases are in serious or critical condition.

Countries with the most COVID-19 cases

The top five countries in the world with the most total positive cases of COVID-19 are still occupied by the United States (US), India, France, Brazil and Germany.

The US remains the country with the most total COVID-19 cases, with 96,270,780 cases. Then India in second place with 44,429,258 cases, followed by France with 34,529,201 cases, Brazil with 34,472,679 cases, and Germany with 32,095,854 cases.

In the Asian region, South Korea is the second country after India which has the most total cases of the corona virus, which is 23,246,398 cases. Then followed by Japan with 18,772,004 cases, Turkey with 16,671,848 cases, and Vietnam with 11,411,679 cases.

The three countries with the highest daily additions of cases and deaths from COVID-19

Japan, South Korea and Brazil are the top three countries with the most daily additions of COVID-19 cases. Each increased 139,582 cases, 103,919 cases, and 58,668 cases.

Then, the US became the country with the highest daily death rate from COVID-19. While Japan and Brazil sit in second and third place as the countries with the highest daily number of deaths from COVID-19

It was recorded that 322 people died from COVID-19 in Uncle Sam’s country within 24 hours yesterday. Meanwhile, Japan recorded the addition of 311 new deaths due to COVID-19 as of Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Then followed by Brazil 115 people who died.

The COVID-19 Handling Task Force held a campaign to stop the spread of the corona virus, namely maintaining distance, wearing masks, avoiding crowds, reducing mobility, and washing hands with soap and running water to prevent transmission of the virus.

If this health protocol is carried out with discipline, it is hoped that it can break the chain of transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, living a healthy lifestyle will protect ourselves and those around us.

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