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There is no one, true roadmap for parenting. Everyone is figuring it out along the way. However, it can be helpful and validating to hear about other parent experiences and receive some input before making major decisions. Whether reading an info sharing forum or a healthcare blog, there’s a wealth of information online ready to be explored and absorbed. In the internet age, this is easier than ever before.

Social Blogs

These types of websites are less academic and more communicative. Websites like parents.com are home to inclusive message boards. These online communities are home to troves of knowledge where info is shared and questions are answered in non-judgmental ways. Being a new parent can already be scary enough, and finding community in the journey can make it a little less lonely.

Additionally, having a space specifically to focus on parenting is better than using a general platform like Facebook or Twitter. Being able to narrow down results by topic, maintain anonymity in certain places, and be free of judgement of friends and loved ones is extremely valuable. 


These days, there are also countless websites for literacy and early learning. These websites can be quite helpful for parents who are feeling a little stuck in a certain area. Educational websites often have tips and tricks for overcoming specific hurdles or fun games to play with a child to help spur learning skills in advance. These types of sites can also be narrowed down: for example, there are specific sites for parents of young athletes to help educate on the challenges they may face. 


Sometimes, a little laughter can go a long way. Funny parenting sites at their best can tap into the parenting experience and make mothers and fathers feel a little less alone in the daily struggles. This type of catharsis is important for any community, and parenting is no different.

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