The Uses Of Medical Lasers

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There are new innovations in medicine every year and one of the most recent is the use of lasers. There are many different uses for lasers in surgery that makes healing quicker with more comfort. Here are a few places where medical laser manufacturers intended their product to be used..

Cosmetic Uses

Lasers can be used to alter a person’s appearance such as minimizing scarring, removing fat or hair, and treating lesions. They can also be utilized in the removal of tattoos that you would like to be free from. 

Surgical Uses

You can find lasers being used in various situations in a surgical suite. Lasers can cauterize any incisions made much more effectively than a typical scalpel. They make a smaller cut minimizing the scar.

Optical Uses

Possibly the most well known purpose of medical lasers is to perform LASIK surgery. When an optical surgeon uses the tool for this purpose, they are reforming the cornea with the beam until vision improves. It can also be used to remove cataracts safely for the patient.

Cancer Treatment

Lasers have various uses to treat cancer. The can be trained on a tumor to shrink it making it easily treated. They can activate a medication that is taken to kill cancer cells. They can remove a cancerous piece of tissue without damaging the rest of the skin around it. The beam can also be manipulated to stretch around to hard to reach spots.

Dental Procedures

If you make an appointment with your dentist for whiter teeth, you will most likely have a laser used on you. Lasers are essential to whitening teeth. They can also help with removing decay and reforming gums. If a biopsy is required on your gums, a laser will most likely be used to remove the possibly infected tissue.

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