Keep away from Stress When Pregnant

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make it easier for mothers to experience mood swings. These mood swings can cause Stress Pregnant. Stress is of course something that mothers should avoid during pregnancy because it can affect the condition and development of the fetus. based on research and cortisol test, it is known that high stress levels during pregnancy have an impact on the fetus because stress hormones are transferred from the mother to the fetus through the placenta.

How to avoid stress in pregnant women

Keeping the mood of pregnant women so as not to stress is important to do. The psychological condition of pregnant women will greatly affect the growth and development of prospective children in the womb. Therefore, mothers really need to avoid stress that may arise during the pregnancy process. Some of the following ways can be used to avoid stress:

  • Making a priority list can help you determine what gets done first
  • Regular light exercise by doing a light warm-up first is important to keep your body healthy and avoid stress
  • Relax when you feel stressed. This can be done by breathing deeply to help you calm down
  • Always think positive and don’t worry too much. Positive thinking can make you more calm and relaxed during pregnancy
  • Do things that make Mom happy. By doing things you like, you can prevent pregnant women from stress
  • Don’t panic and rush in making decisions or planning something
  • If you can’t solve the problem alone, you can share it with your partner. This can reduce the burden and prevent stress on pregnant women
  • Adequate rest is important to know if the mother needs to have time to rest and time for herself and the fetus
  • Eat a balanced, varied nutritional pattern that contains omega 3, vitamins and minerals and drink 10 glasses of water per day.

Other things that mothers should avoid during pregnancy

In addition to avoiding stress, other things that pregnant women should avoid to maintain the health of mothers and babies are:

Avoid working too hard, such as lifting heavy objects
Smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke.
Drinking soft drinks, alcohol, and taking drugs without a doctor’s prescription or without first consulting. If you take medication, ask a health worker
Excessive Stress
Avoid sleeping on your back > 10 minutes during late pregnancy

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