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Did you know gut health affects your cat’s overall health? A cat’s GI is host to billions of microorganisms that help with digestion, inflammation, nutrient absorption and other essential bodily functions. When gut health is off, other factors of your cat’s health can go awry too. One way to help your cat maintain a healthy GI tract is to give them probiotics, which have bacteria that support gut health.

What a Probiotic Can Do for Your Cat

There are a couple of different benefits to giving your cat a probiotic. Has your cat ever had an upset stomach from stress? Administering cat probiotics can help your cat get their digestion back on track and solidify their stool again. Other benefits are that it may help your cat’s overall health by keeping inflammation in their digestive track managed and assist with healthy nutrient absorption.

How To Choose the Right Probiotic

Not all probiotics are created equally. It’s recommended to look for a probiotic with a high live bacteria count for full benefits. There are also certain types of bacteria strains that are more beneficial to cats than others. Ultimately, it is a good idea to talk with your veterinarian when deciding whether to use probiotics with your cat, and to determine which probiotics could be the most beneficial for your cat.

A Holistic Approach to Your Cat’s Gut Health

Pets are a part of the family, and caring for them so they have optimal health is often a high priority for pet owners. In addition to consulting with your vet about probiotics, research the best food for them too. What kind of food and treats you feed them impacts their overall health as well, and the closer you can get to their natural diet the better.

Cats bring joy with their playful attitudes, big personalities and soft fur. They can take care of their owners in many ways, and it’s loving to repay the favor by taking care of them.

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