Three Steps Towards Embracing a Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth is an approach to labor and delivery that focuses on all-natural, non-medicated techniques. While there are different levels and degrees of interpretation and execution, those who choose natural childbirth usually wish to refrain from using an epidural or drugs to block pain or induce contractions. If you are currently expecting or are still trying to conceive and are interested in this type of labor and delivery, here are three steps you should take to help you stay committed to your choice.

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Meet With an Experienced Doula

A doula is a trained birthing coach who can help offer advice and support throughout pregnancy and active participation during labor. Meeting with a doula tampa can help you learn what to expect during the process and how to prepare for a successful natural delivery. Most doulas can help provide peace of mind, encouragement, useful coaching and constant attention while nurses and doctors are busy moving from patient to patient.

Choose a Hospital That’s Highly Supportive of Natural Childbirth 

It’s important to set yourself up for success with a natural childbirth. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing a hospital that is known to support mothers who wish to use this approach. Online reviews can be very helpful, but be sure to speak with a staff member to get the best answers for your questions. Look for hospitals that have midwives on staff, utilize intermittent fetal monitoring, and encourage natural pain management with showers, the freedom to walk around and birthing balls.

Take a Class on Natural Pain Management Techniques

It’s unwise to go into labor without a plan for pain management. Contractions are intense, painful and exhausting and it can be easy to give in and ask for intervention without some techniques in place. Find a local class that coaches both you and your partner on how to handle contractions without slowing labor.

With proper planning and a support system in place, you can experience a safe and fulfilling natural childbirth.

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